How To Select The Right Air Conditioner!

Summer is almost here and the only way to get comfortable in the scorching weather is to buy an efficient Air Conditioner. Choosing an optimum AC that fits your requirement from over   20-30 brands is not an easy decision to make. The market is filled with energy efficient variants that provide maximum comfort at competitive prices and given such a large offering, it often gets difficult to zero-in on a particular product.

While buying an AC, it is essential to consider factors like energy efficiency, cooling capacity, in-built technology, special features etc. We’ve curated a step by step reference guide to help you in selecting the right AC.

Simply go through the AC buying guide below and bring home your perfect summer companion.

There are 3 types of ACs based on their size and cooling capacity –

Window AC 

These are perfect for small rooms with a window. Most models come with an inbuilt heating mechanism which makes them suitable for use in winter season as well.  They are easier to install as compared to the split ACs and are a bit noisy than their split counterparts


Split AC


They provide faster cooling, are almost noiseless and give you a comfortable experience. However, the installation cost is higher as compared to a Window AC.


Portable AC

These are ideal to buy if your key criterion is mobility. They are expensive than the Window AC and are typically used when there is no option to fix it on the wall or there is no window in the room.


AC Capacity

This factor is very important to consider while buying an AC because a mistake here would leave you with minimal cooling or your room will end up feeling like the North Pole.

As per the room size, you can select the capacity of your AC.

Apart from this, you should go for an AC with higher capacity if you have a tall room with multiple or large windows and is located on the top floor.


Energy Efficiency

To know if an AC is energy efficient or not, always look up the energy rating stars. Higher the rating, higher will be its efficiency. ACs having higher ratings will be expensive, but that will help you save more on your electricity bills in the long run. So, it won’t be advisable to compromise on the energy efficiency rating while buying an AC.

Let’s take an example of a household where you have a 1.5 Ton AC operating for 8 hours daily in a year and electricity charges are Rs. 6 per unit.

The aforementioned figures indicate that choosing an AC with higher efficiency rating will help you save a decent amount of money in the long run!


Inverter Technology

An AC with inverter technology is a smart AC, as it gives consistent and better cooling with maximum energy efficiency. In this, the compressor doesn’t work on the inverter rather it works continuously while keeping the temperature constant. This way, the compressor never really has to work at maximum capacity, hence optimizing factors like lifespan, energy consumption, noise creation etc.

Advantages of Inverter AC

Consistent Cooling
Faster Cooling
Literally Noiseless
Amazing Energy Efficiency
As the compressor receives less load, so the lifespan is longer


Value Add Features In ACs 

While buying an AC, always make sure to check the host of features being offered. We’ve listed below the popular features provided by brands.


Sleep Mode

Very helpful for reducing electricity bills as it reduces the cooling every hour!


Coil Material

Before buying an AC, make it a point to ask for the coil material as these are used by the compressor to cool the air. Copper coils though slightly expensive, are the best as compared to others.


Round The Year Use

Many brands these days have an inbuilt heating technology, making them perfect for use during the winter season as well.

So, what are you waiting for! Welcome the summer season with an AC which is energy efficient and comforting. Start browsing now on the Maharashtra Electronics website and bring home your perfect summer companion.

Wishing you a comfortable summer season!



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